How can I help?


Do you need some help? Drop me a message.

Why do I want to help?

I discovered my passion for IT topics pretty early in my life. When I started my commercial career, I was fortunate because I met a few people who believed in me and pushed me forward. I found out that supporting others gives me the same joy as my daily work. It also teaches me a lot.

This is a list of ways I think I can help. If you see something here that might be useful to you, feel free to send me a LinkedIn friend invitation and a message.

You do not need to ask for permission first. Get straight to the topic with your message.

Do not worry. I am an introvert. You can use POLISH or ENGLISH. :)

Ways I’m available to help for free

  1. Answer concrete questions about topics I know. If you write me a message with a clear question, and I know the answer, I’ll try to answer. For very context-depended questions, I will try to approach them from a few angles. Responses will not be based on research but my experiences and current opinions. If I do not know the answer, then I will let you know about it.

  2. Put different perspectives on approaching the particular problem. If you explain the issue you are about to face, I will try to recommend methods, tools, or solutions worth trying. If I experienced similar cases in the past, I might share how I nailed/failed it. Please remember about your NDA and skip the details you cannot share.

  3. Brainstorm, support, and proofreading your very first article/blog post. If you want to improve your CV by writing an article or a blog post, I will be happy to help. We can have a call to speak about your ideas and make a brainstorming session to work on its content. I am not an SEO expert nor a great writer, but it will be an honor to read it before you publish it for a bigger audience.


If you are a Company and you would like me to support you in strategy, operations, organizational structure, software delivery, project management or Shape Up then please contact me on LinkedIn.


Jacob Kaplan-Moss, who created a similar page, was an inspiration for me to make this one. You may find his articles on